"The socialization group has proven to be a good reinforcement tool for the skills that our son has learned in a short but extremely positive time period within the school setting created by Chris and Piera.


It is evident that both Chris and Piera are great at creating attainable goals geared towards each child's individual needs and have been instrumental in helping our son regain a positive view of himself."



Frank and Linda Schimenti



"I have my three children enrolled in the socialization classes.  It has been a very positive experience for all three.  My older son has started to bond with some of the children, he has even asked to spend more time with them.  Socializing is an extremely hard thing for my son to do,but with help of Chris and Piera there to help him along he is building self confidence as well as the skills he needs to socialize with his peers.

     My family and I commend Chris and Piera for all they do. We are truly thankful for all the time,love and patience they have for our children and all of the children they are helping each and every day."

The Gambaro Family


Joe, Nicole, Joseph,

John & Mia



"Thanks Piera and Chris for making a difference..My son has had socialization problems since he was a toddler.  At Kids Connect USA my son has learned to play games, learned to take turns and learnd to socialize with other kids in the small classroom setting.


At his school they have even noticed a difference on how he plays with other children and at home he is playing much better with his brother..We really love this class, it has made such a difference in our lives."

Jodi Perskin




"Since my son Joseph has started with the Kids Connect USA program he has made amazing progress. He has been socializing more, initiating play with other kids and his speech has improved. They have been wonderful with Joseph and make such a difference in our lives."


Danett Massuri




 "Thank you for personally extending your positive commitment to making a difference with our son Anthony. The love and compasion you both share with Anthony and all the other children is priceless. We are thrilled with his positive progress and look forward to his continued growth through your valuable efforts. We wish we found you 3 years ago, but better late than never. Keep up the great work and know that we are raving fans 100%."



Tony & Domenica Morreale





 "When we first heard of this new program that would encourage our son to socialize, we were so excited about getting him involved.  We are so pleased with his progress and want to express our appreciation to Chris and Piera for getting this program started.  Their love and dedication to all the kids involved is truly seen in their work. Our son absolutely loves going to his play group every week."


Bob & Janine Albano





 "When we first started Kids Connect USA over six months ago, I literally had to pull my son Andrew (w/ASD) out of the car for the first three times! He had transition problems. As soon as he felt comfortable with Piera, Chris and staff he talked about it all week!  Naming everyone in the class and so excited when we hit the expressway on Saturday mornings!!  What a relief. We then signed him up for 2 hours. To our amazement, Andrew has learned so much.  More importantly he is learning to communicate with others, taking turns, asking questions and playing in a fun setting.

I can't thank everyone enough at Kids Connect USA for helping our son engage in such a great, safe enviornment!  Thanks!


The Bianchi Family





"I am so thankful for this wonderful program that Piera and Chris have put their hearts and souls into. It has helped Julia interact with other children and allows her to learn social skills that she isn't able to learn on her own. Thank you for everything you do! "



Susan Mazzella